The presentations planned for the conference focus on the practical application of Thelemic principles, and how they impact the individual, society, and the universe at large.

In addition, we will be discussing occult and A.’.A.’. history, community ritual and providing an opportunity to participate in panel discussions.

It is our goal for the participants to emerge from the conference informed, inspired, educated, initiated, and ready to approach the world as magicians.

  • Communion of Nuit: A Participatory Ritual
  • Succeeding with a Daily Ritual & Meditation Practice
  • The Holy Guardian Angel: Lover, Assistant, Friend
  • Holy Humor: Taking It in Stride
  • Pranayama: History and Practice
  • Residential Mystery School: Backyard Orgies and Living-Room Initiations
  • Practical Scrying
  • The Tasks of A.’.A.’. & the Path of Return
  • Have You “Transcended Reason”? Or Have You Just Gone Crazy?
  • The Golden Dawn Tradition in Modern Thelema
  • Karl Germer: The Unknown Mystic
  • Panel Discussions
  • And more to come…

The conference will be held October 11-13, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There will be an informal meet-and-greet on Friday evening, and programming for all of Saturday (morning and afternoon) and Sunday morning.  Saturday night’s reception will offer another opportunity to to share impressions of the day and to get to know your fellow attendees.

Detailed schedule coming soon!